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What is BS EN ISO 3675:2021?

BS EN ISO 3675:2021 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the determination of kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products, including both transparent and opaque fluids. This standard is utilized by various industries, including oil refineries, lubricant manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.

Importance of Kinematic Viscosity

Kinematic viscosity is a fundamental property of fluid flow that determines its resistance to shear forces. It plays a crucial role in various applications, such as predicting fuel efficiency, assessing lubricant performance, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. By measuring the kinematic viscosity of a substance, engineers and scientists gain valuable insights into its flow characteristics and suitability for specific purposes.

Key Features of BS EN ISO 3675:2021

BS EN ISO 3675:2021 outlines the methodology for measuring kinematic viscosity using a glass capillary viscometer. The standard covers requirements for the apparatus, sample preparation, testing procedures, and data analysis. It provides detailed instructions on performing viscosity measurements at different temperatures and includes tables for calculating the kinematic viscosity values.

An important aspect of BS EN ISO 3675:2021 is the traceability of measurement results. The standard emphasizes the use of certified reference materials and calibration techniques to ensure accurate and reliable viscosity measurements. This enables organizations to compare their results across different laboratories and maintain consistency in data interpretation.

Benefits and Applications

Adhering to BS EN ISO 3675:2021 has several benefits for both manufacturers and end-users of petroleum products. Firstly, it enhances product quality control by providing a standardized method for viscosity determination, allowing companies to monitor batch-to-batch consistency. Secondly, it facilitates fair trade by ensuring accurate and comparable viscosity data, enabling transparent transactions between suppliers and buyers.

Moreover, BS EN ISO 3675:2021 assists regulatory bodies in setting and enforcing viscosity-related regulations, contributing to environmental and consumer protection. By maintaining viscosity within specified limits, the risk of equipment failure due to inadequate lubrication is minimized, leading to improved operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.


BS EN ISO 3675:2021 is an essential standard for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products. By providing clear guidelines and ensuring traceability, this standard promotes consistency, quality control, and fair trade within the industry. Understanding and implementing this standard enables businesses to optimize their processes, deliver reliable products, and comply with relevant regulations.



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