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What is BS EN 16708:2020?

BS EN 16708:2020 is a crucial standard that sets the requirements for. It provides guidelines and best practices for writers to follow in order to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency in their work. The standard covers various aspects of technical writing, including the structure, language, formatting, and referencing of articles.

Understanding the Structure of BS EN 16708:2020

The structure outlined in BS EN 16708:2020 helps writers organize their technical articles effectively. It typically consists of four main sections: introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The introduction should provide a brief of the topic and establish the purpose of the article. The body section should present the main content with proper headings and subheadings. The conclusion summarizes the key points discussed in the article, while the references section lists all the sources cited.

Key Language Requirements

Accurate and precise language is essential, and BS EN 16708:2020 emphasizes this aspect. Writers should use concise and unambiguous language to convey information effectively. Technical terms and jargon should be defined clearly or accompanied by appropriate explanations. Additionally, the standard encourages the use of active voice and a formal tone throughout the article.

Formatting and Referencing Guidelines

In terms of formatting, BS EN 16708:2020 suggests using bullet points and numbered lists to present information in a clear and organized manner. It also provides specifications for fonts, headings, and subheadings to maintain consistency. Moreover, the standard emphasizes the importance of proper referencing. Writers are required to cite all sources used in the article and follow an established citation style, such as APA or MLA, to give credit to the original authors.

In conclusion, BS EN 16708:2020 plays a vital role in guiding writers to prepare professional technical articles. By following the standard's recommendations on structure, language, formatting, and referencing, writers can produce high-quality articles that are informative and easy to understand. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that technical information is communicated effectively to the intended audience.



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