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What is the difference between 60950 and 62368

When it comes to technical standards for electrical equipment safety, two commonly referenced standards are 60950 and 62368. These standards outline the requirements and guidelines that manufacturers must meet to ensure the safety of their products. Although both standards aim to protect users and prevent potential hazards, they differ in their scope, focus, and approach.


The scope of a standard determines the range of products it applies to. IEC 60950 primarily covers Information Technology Equipment (ITE), including devices such as computers, servers, routers, and telecommunication equipment. On the other hand, IEC 62368 has a broader scope and encompasses a wider range of audio/video, information, and communication technology equipment, including items like speakers, game consoles, TVs, and similar consumer electronic devices.


The focus of each standard differs based on the intended use of the equipment. IEC 60950 concentrates on traditional IT equipment that operates on low voltage power. The standard addresses aspects like electric shock hazards, fire safety, and protection against hazardous energy sources, ensuring safe usage in office and home environments. In contrast, IEC 62368 emphasizes hazard-based safety engineering principles. It takes a more comprehensive approach, covering potential risks associated with the entire lifecycle of the product, including installation, operation, and disposal.


The approach towards safety assessment also varies between the two standards. IEC 60950 defines specific technical requirements that manufacturers must meet during the design and production of their products. Compliance is generally demonstrated through testing and certification. Conversely, IEC 62368 follows a more performance-based approach. Instead of prescribing detailed requirements, the standard provides various options and alternative methods for achieving safety goals. Manufacturers are encouraged to conduct risk assessments and implement suitable mitigation measures accordingly.

In conclusion, while both standards share the goal of ensuring electrical equipment safety, IEC 60950 and IEC 62368 differ in their scope, focus, and approach. Manufacturers must evaluate their product's intended use and capabilities to determine which standard is applicable to their specific device. Adhering to these standards not only helps to protect users, but also contributes to the overall reliability and quality of electrical and electronic equipment in today's interconnected world.



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