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What is EN ISO 12390-5:2014?

EN ISO 12390-5:2014, also known as "Testing hardened concrete - Part 5: Flexural strength of test specimens," is an internationally recognized standard that specifies a method for determining the flexural strength of concrete beams or slabs.

Importance of Flexural Strength Testing

Flexural strength testing is crucial in assessing the quality and durability of concrete structures. It measures the ability of a concrete specimen to withstand bending forces, providing valuable insights into its load-bearing capacity and resistance to cracking or failure under expected load conditions.

This type of testing is particularly important for structural elements like beams and slabs, which are subjected to significant bending stresses during their service life. By evaluating the flexural strength, engineers can ensure that the concrete used meets design requirements and is capable of withstanding applied loads.

Testing Procedure for Flexural Strength

The EN ISO 12390-5:2014 standard outlines a detailed procedure for conducting flexural strength tests on concrete specimens. The following steps are involved:

Specimen Preparation: Concrete beams or slabs of specified dimensions are cast and cured following standard procedures.

Loading Arrangement: The test specimen is placed on supports in a suitable testing machine, ensuring proper alignment for loading.

Application of Load: A gradually increasing load is applied at a constant rate until the specimen fails in flexure.

Measurement of Deflection and Load: The deflection of the specimen and the corresponding applied load are continuously measured during the test.

Calculation of Flexural Strength: The flexural strength is calculated using specific formulas provided in the standard.

Reporting of Results: The test results, including the maximum applied load and the failure mode, are documented for further analysis and comparison.


The EN ISO 12390-5:2014 standard plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and reliability of concrete structures by providing a comprehensive method to assess their flexural strength. Flexural strength testing helps engineers make informed decisions about the suitability of concrete for structural applications, leading to safer and more durable construction projects.

By adhering to this international standard, construction professionals can have confidence in the performance of their concrete elements, minimize the risk of failures, and enhance the overall integrity of the built environment.



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