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What is BS EN 61557-1:2018

BS EN 61557-1:2018 is a technical standard used in the field of electrical testing and measurement. It provides guidelines for the implementation, testing, and verification of electrical measuring devices. This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements in various electrical systems.

Importance of BS EN 61557-1:2018

In today's advanced technological landscape, accurate and reliable electrical measurements are essential for effective operations and safety. BS EN 61557-1:2018 sets the benchmark for these measurements, ensuring that the results obtained are consistent and trustworthy.

Complying with this standard allows organizations to assess the performance of their electrical installations, equipment, and systems accurately. It also enables technicians to detect and rectify any faults or issues promptly, preventing potential risks and hazards.

Key Features of BS EN 61557-1:2018

This technical standard comprises various features that warrant its significance in the electrical industry.

Firstly, BS EN 61557-1:2018 outlines the general requirements for measuring devices, including their construction, performance, and testing protocols. These requirements ensure that the instruments used for electrical measurements meet the necessary quality and accuracy standards.

Secondly, the standard defines the procedures and methodologies for performing tests on electrical installations, such as insulation resistance, continuity, and earth resistance tests. The precise instructions provided by BS EN 61557-1:2018 help technicians conduct these tests correctly, yielding reliable results.

Lastly, BS EN 61557-1:2018 emphasizes the importance of calibration and verification of measuring instruments regularly. It details the necessary calibration intervals, allowing organizations to maintain the accuracy and reliability of their measuring devices over time.


BS EN 61557-1:2018 plays a fundamental role in ensuring accurate electrical measurements and safe operations. By complying with this standard, organizations can establish reliable electrical systems while minimizing potential risks. The features outlined in this technical document provide clear guidelines for constructing, testing, and verifying electrical measuring devices. Adhering to BS EN 61557-1:2018 is crucial for any organization or technician involved in electrical testing and measurement.



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