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What is BS EN ISO 301:2012 ?

Title: What is BS EN ISO 301:2012? A Technical Standard for Software Documentation


Software documentation is a critical aspect of software development, as it helps developers, users, and other stakeholders understand the software and its features. However, ensuring that software documentation is clear, concise, and effective can be a challenging task. This is where the BS EN ISO 301:2012 standard comes in. This technical standard, which pertains to the documentation of computer programs and software systems, outlines the requirements for writing clear and concise software documentation. In this article, we will delve into the purpose and significance of BS EN ISO 301:2012 and explore its key components.

Purpose of BS EN ISO 301:2012:

BS EN ISO 301:2012 has been developed to address the need for standardized documentation practices in the software industry. The standard aims to enhance the clarity and consistency of software documentation, enabling developers, maintainers, and users to comprehend and utilize the software effectively. By providing guidelines on various aspects of documentation, including structure, content, style, and presentation, BS EN ISO 301:2012 helps ensure that software documentation is professional, accurate, and easy to understand.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 301:2012:

BS EN ISO 301:2012 is built upon the EN ISO 15502:2012 standard, which is a comprehensive guide for technical writing. The standard provides guidelines and requirements for writing professional and accurate technical articles, including the purpose, structure, and content of technical documentation.

The structure of BS EN ISO 301:2012 is based on the Modified DTD (Document Type Definition) model, which is a standardized method for describing the structure and contents of a document. This allows for the creation of standardized documentation that can be easily integrated and used across different software development teams and projects.

The content of BS EN ISO 301:2012 focuses on the technical documentation of software systems, including the description of software functions, interfaces, and other technical details. The standard provides guidelines for the formatting and presentation of this information, ensuring that it is clear and easy to understand.

The style of BS EN ISO 301:2012 is designed to be concise, clear, and professional, with a focus on providing accurate and up-to-date information. The standard provides guidance on the use of various elements, such as subroutines, functions, and descriptions, to effectively communicate the technical details of the software system.


BS EN ISO 301:2012 is a technical standard that plays a crucial role in the documentation of software systems. By providing guidelines and requirements for writing clear and concise software documentation, this standard ensures that developers, maintainers, and users can comprehend and utilize the software effectively. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in BS EN ISO 301:2012, software documentation can be improved, leading to better software development outcomes.



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