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What is EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019?


If you work in an industry with potential hazards and risks, you might have come across the term "EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019." But what does it actually mean? In this article, we will break down this technical standard, explain its significance, and highlight why it matters for worker safety.

Understanding EN ISO 20471

EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019 is an internationally recognized standard that specifies requirements for high-visibility clothing. It lays out guidelines for the design, performance, and materials used in garments that aim to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions or when working in hazardous environments.

The Importance of High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility clothing plays a crucial role in ensuring worker safety, particularly in industries such as construction, transportation, and utilities. The bright colors, reflective tapes, and fluorescent materials used in these garments make workers more visible to others, including drivers of vehicles or heavy machinery.

By enhancing visibility, high-visibility clothing helps to reduce accidents and injuries caused by collisions, mishaps, or misjudgment triggered by poor visibility. This type of clothing significantly increases the chances of being seen by others, providing an extra layer of protection for workers.

Key Updates in the EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019 Standard

In 2019, the EN ISO 20471 standard underwent a revision known as Amendment 1 (A1). This amendment introduces several important updates to the original 2016 version. Some of the key changes include:

New Classification System: The amendment introduces a revised classification system for high-visibility clothing. It differentiates between three classes, based on the minimum area of visible materials required.

Increased Visibility Requirements: A higher minimum retroreflection performance level has been introduced for all classes, ensuring better visibility in challenging conditions.

Additional Design Requirements: The amendment includes additional design requirements, particularly for garments worn in specific environments or roles, to enhance worker safety and comfort.

To comply with the updated EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019 standard, manufacturers must ensure that their high-visibility clothing meets the latest criteria outlined in the amendment.


EN ISO 20471:2016+A1:2019 is a crucial standard that sets the requirements for high-visibility clothing. By improving visibility and enhancing worker safety, this standard plays a critical role in preventing accidents and reducing the risks associated with working in hazardous environments. Staying informed about these standards and ensuring compliance is essential for both employers and employees in industries where visibility is paramount.



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