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What is EN 61558-1:2020? .

EN 61558-1:2020 is a widely recognized international standard that specifies safety requirements for power transformers, power supplies, and similar devices. It provides guidelines for the design, construction, testing, and performance of these electrical equipment, ensuring their safe operation and protection against potential hazards.

Safety Standards for Power Transformers and Power Supplies

Power transformers and power supplies play a crucial role in various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, and energy sectors. They are responsible for converting electrical energy from one voltage level to another, as well as providing a stable power source for numerous applications. However, due to the nature of their function, these devices can pose risks if not designed and manufactured according to rigorous safety standards.

Key Requirements and Specifications

EN 61558-1:2020 outlines several key requirements and specifications that power transformers and power supplies must meet to ensure safe operation. These include insulation and dielectric strength, temperature rise limits, thermal protection, creepage distances, clearances, markings, and overall mechanical design. Compliance with these standards minimizes the risk of electric shock, fire, and other potential hazards, guaranteeing reliable and secure performance.

Testing and Certification Process

To confirm compliance with EN 61558-1:2020, power transformers and power supplies undergo a series of rigorous tests carried out by certified laboratories. These tests evaluate factors such as insulation resistance, voltage withstand, temperature rise, and electromagnetic compatibility. Only when these devices pass all the required tests and meet the specified criteria are they granted certification.

In conclusion, EN 61558-1:2020 sets forth safety requirements for power transformers and power supplies to ensure their safe operation. Compliance with these standards guarantees that these devices are capable of withstanding potential hazards and perform reliably. By adhering to EN 61558-1:2020, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality and safe electrical equipment to industries and consumers worldwide.



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