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What is BS EN 61347-2-7:2016?

BS EN 61347-2-7:2016 is an international standard that specifies safety requirements and tests for electronic control gear and associated equipment used in lighting. This standard focuses on the performance and safety of devices such as LED drivers, which are responsible for converting the AC voltage supplied by the mains into the appropriate DC voltage required to power LEDs.

Scope of the Standard

The scope of BS EN 61347-2-7:2016 covers a wide range of electronic control gear used in general lighting applications. This includes control gears for both indoor and outdoor use, covering different voltage ranges and operating conditions. The standard defines various technical parameters and quality criteria that the control gear must meet to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Key Requirements

The standard outlines several key requirements that electronic control gear must comply with. These include electrical safety requirements, protection against electric shock, insulation resistance, thermal testing, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirements, and performance testing. Each requirement is designed to assess different aspects of the control gear's safety and performance, ensuring that it meets the necessary standards and regulations.

Testing Procedures

Testing procedures described in BS EN 61347-2-7 include a variety of electrical and environmental tests that control gear must undergo. These tests range from basic electrical measurements to more complex simulations of real-life operating conditions. Some of the tests include dielectric strength test, temperature-rise test, endurance test, and abnormal conditions test. Compliance with these testing procedures ensures that the control gear meets the safety and performance requirements defined in the standard.

In conclusion, BS EN 61347-2-7:2016 sets out the safety requirements and testing procedures for electronic control gear used in lighting applications. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the necessary safety and performance criteria, providing users with reliable and safe lighting solutions.



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