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What is ISO 55000:2014 ?

ISO 55002:2014 is an essential resource for organizations looking to improve their asset management systems. This international standard, which is part of the ISO 55000 series, provides guidelines for implementing, managing, and maintaining an asset management system. With the purpose of helping organizations ensure that their assets are managed effectively and efficiently, ISO 55002:2014 offers practical advice on how to establish, implement, maintain, and improve an asset management system.

ISO 55002:2014 is a comprehensive guide that outlines the key components of an asset management system. These components include:

Asset management policy: This policy outlines the organization's approach to managing its assets, including the types of assets they will manage, the responsibilities of each department, and the overall strategy for asset management.

Asset management framework: This framework provides guidance on how to create and maintain an asset management system that aligns with the organization's overall business goals and strategy.

Assets identification and classification: This section outlines the process for identifying and classifying assets, including the criteria used for asset classification and the responsibilities for asset identification and classification.

Asset management and control: This section outlines the processes for managing and controlling assets, including the methods for monitoring and reporting on asset performance.

Integration of asset management into business processes: This section outlines the ways in which asset management can be integrated into the organization's overall business processes, including the importance of aligning asset management objectives with business goals and strategies.

By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 55002:2014, organizations can improve their asset management systems, ensuring that their assets are managed effectively and efficiently. This international standard is an essential tool for organizations looking to achieve better performance, reduce costs, and increase stakeholder confidence.



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