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What is EN ISO 5885:2016?

EN ISO 5885:2016 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for writing in-depth technical articles. It sets the criteria for technical documentation, including structure, content, and style. This article will explore the key elements of EN ISO 5885:2016 and how they can be applied in the writing process.

The Importance of Structure

One of the fundamental aspects of EN ISO 5885:2016 is the emphasis on a clear and logical structure. A well-structured article allows readers to navigate through complex technical information with ease. The standard recommends using headings and subheadings to guide readers, providing them with an of the content and enabling quick reference.

The Significance of Content

In addition to structure, EN ISO 5885:2016 highlights the importance of high-quality content. Technical articles should provide accurate and comprehensive information on the subject matter. This includes detailed explanations, supported by relevant examples, figures, and diagrams. When presenting data or statistics, it is crucial to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

Style and Language Guidelines

EN ISO 5885:2016 also establishes guidelines for style and language. The tone of technical articles should be objective and neutral, avoiding personal opinions or biases. The use of concise and clear language is encouraged to facilitate understanding. Additionally, the standard suggests using standardized terminology and avoiding jargon that might confuse readers.


EN ISO 5885:2016 is an essential tool for writers aiming to produce effective technical articles. By following its guidelines on structure, content, style, and language, writers can enhance the readability and clarity of their work. It ensures that technical information is easily accessible and comprehensible to a wide range of readers, enabling effective knowledge transfer.



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