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What is UL 61058-2-43-2020 ?

Title: What is UL 61058-2-2020? A Comprehensive Guide


The safety and efficiency of electrical switches are critical aspects of their functioning. When switches fail to function correctly or experience malfunctions, they can pose significant risks to users, workers, and the general public. To mitigate these risks, manufacturers, designers, and engineers must comply with the relevant standards and guidelines. One of these standards is the UL 61058-2-2020, which is a crucial set of guidelines for the safety and performance of switches used in various electrical devices.

What is UL 61058-2-2020?

UL 61058-2-2020 is a professional technical standard that defines the requirements for switches for appliances, industrial equipment, and control gears. It is published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global organization that provides safety and performance standards for a wide range of products.

The purpose of UL 61058-2-2020 is to ensure the safety of users by minimizing the risks associated with switch faults or malfunctions. Compliance with this standard ensures that switches meet specific performance criteria, withstand environmental stresses, and exhibit proper functionality under normal and abnormal conditions.

Key Changes in UL 61058-2-2020:

While UL 61058-2-2020 is based on previous versions of the standard, there have been several significant changes made in the latest version. Some of these changes include:

1. Increased Focus on Safety:

UL 61058-2-2020 places a greater emphasis on safety by reducing the likelihood of switch faults or malfunctions. The standard has been updated to emphasize the importance of proper design, testing, and labeling of switches to ensure their safety.

1. Expanded Coverage:

The scope of UL 61058-2-2020 has been expanded to include switches used in various industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. This includes new requirements for switches used in medical devices, industrial machinery, and electrical vehicles.

1. Increased Requirements for Documentation:

UL 61058-2-2020 requires manufacturers to provide more detailed documentation on their switches. This includes requirements for labeling, documentation, and testing procedures.

1. New Test Requirements:

The standard has introduces new testing requirements for switches, including tests to determine their resistance to electrical hazards and their ability to operate in various environments.

Key Requirements of UL 61058-2-2020:

To comply with UL 61058-2-2020, manufacturers must ensure that their switches meet the following key requirements:

1. Safety Integrity Level (SIL):

SIL 0: The switch is designed to prevent electrical hazards.

SIL 1: The switch is designed to reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

SIL 2: The switch is designed to eliminate the risk of electrical hazards.

1. Appropriate Design:

The switch must be designed to prevent mechanical, electrical, or thermal failures.

1. Tested for Compliance:

The switch must undergo various tests to ensure compliance with the standard. These tests include electrical tests, mechanical tests, and environmental tests.

1. labeling and documentation:

The switch must be labeled in accordance with UL 61058-2-2020. The label must include the required information, such as the voltage, current, and temperature ratings, as well as the name and number of the standard.

1. Documentation:

The manufacturer must provide detailed documentation on the design, testing, and performance of the switch. This includes a user manual, a maintenance manual, and a testing manual.


UL 61058-2-2020 is a critical standard for the safety and performance of electrical switches. By ensuring that their switches meet the requirements of the standard, manufacturers can provide users with safer and more reliable switches that meet their needs. Compliance with UL 61058-2-2020 is essential for protecting the safety and well-being of users and workers in various industries and applications.



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