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What is ISO/IEC 30137:2017?

ISO/IEC 30137:2017 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines for the development of software documentation, particularly user documentation. This international standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to ensure consistent and high-quality documentation practices across industries.

The Importance of ISO/IEC 30137:2017

With rapid advancements in technology, the need for clear and comprehensive documentation has become essential. ISO/IEC 30137:2017 sets a benchmark for organizations to follow when documenting their software products. This standard helps improve communication between developers and end-users, ensuring that important information is accurately conveyed and easily understood.

Key Requirements of ISO/IEC 30137:2017

The ISO/IEC 30137:2017 standard covers various aspects of software documentation. It emphasizes the importance of using plain language and organizing information in a logical and user-friendly manner. The standard also stresses the need for accurate and up-to-date content, proper use of graphics and illustrations, as well as clear instructions on how to use the software effectively.

Additionally, ISO/IEC 30137:2017 encourages organizations to adopt a user-centric approach towards documentation. This includes conducting usability testing, gathering feedback from end-users, and continuously improving the documentation based on user needs and requirements.

Benefits of Implementing ISO/IEC 30137:2017

By adhering to ISO/IEC 30137:2017, organizations can enjoy several benefits. Firstly, it improves customer satisfaction by providing clear and concise documentation that helps users get the most out of their software. Secondly, it reduces the incidence of user errors and support requests, as well-documented software is easier to understand and use correctly.

Moreover, ISO/IEC 30137:2017 enhances efficiency within organizations by streamlining the documentation process and ensuring consistent quality across different software projects. It also enables better collaboration between developers and technical writers, fostering a more integrated and effective approach towards software documentation.

In conclusion, ISO/IEC 30137:2017 establishes guidelines for creating professional and user-centric software documentation. By following this international standard, organizations can improve the usability of their software products, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize their overall operational efficiency.



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