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What is ISO 11698-3:2018?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes various standards for different industries to ensure consistent quality, safety, and reliability. One such standard is ISO 11698-3:2018, which focuses on a specific aspect of technical documentation.

Understanding the Purpose of ISO 11698-3:2018

ISO 11698-3:2018 primarily addresses the format and content of technical information for products. It provides guidelines and recommendations for creating user manuals, product catalogs, and other documentation necessary to support the use and maintenance of technical products.

By following ISO 11698-3:2018, organizations can structure their technical documentation in a standardized and user-friendly manner, enhancing clarity and usability for end-users.

Key Features of ISO 11698-3:2018

The standard outlines several important features that technical writers should consider when developing documentation:

Organization and structure: ISO 11698-3:2018 emphasizes the importance of clear organization and logical structure in technical documents. This ensures that users can easily locate the information they need.

Content presentation: The standard recommends using plain language, minimizing the use of jargon, and providing contextual explanations to help users fully understand technical concepts.

Visual aids: ISO 11698-3:2018 advises including visuals such as diagrams, illustrations, and tables to supplement the textual content. Visual aids can significantly improve comprehension when used appropriately.

Consistency: Maintaining consistency throughout the document in terms of terminology, units, and formatting is crucial. ISO 11698-3:2018 emphasizes the importance of establishing and adhering to a consistent style guide.

Benefits of Following ISO 11698-3:2018

Implementing ISO 11698-3:2018 can bring several advantages:

Improved user experience: By structuring documentation according to the standard, users can easily find information, resulting in a more positive and efficient user experience.

Enhanced usability: The use of clear language, visuals, and consistent formatting ensures that technical documentation is easier to understand and follow.

Reduced errors and misunderstandings: Clarity and consistency in technical documents reduce the likelihood of errors or misunderstandings, leading to improved product usage and lower support requirements for manufacturers.

Compliance with industry standards: Organizations that adhere to ISO 11698-3:2018 demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality and user-friendly technical documentation, thus complying with industry standards and customer expectations.

Overall, ISO 11698-3:2018 provides important guidelines for creating effective technical documentation. Following this standard can greatly benefit organizations, ensuring clearer communication and better user experiences.



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