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What is BS EN ISO 10628:2017?

BS EN ISO 10628:2017 is an international standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the presentation of diagrams used in the process industry. This standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). It aims to facilitate clear and consistent communication in the field of engineering, allowing professionals to understand and analyze process flow diagrams effectively.

The Importance of Clear Diagrams

Clear and well-structured diagrams are crucial in the process industry as they help professionals comprehend complex systems and processes more easily. BS EN ISO 10628:2017 addresses this need by providing a standardized approach to diagram notation and presentation techniques. By following this standard, engineers and technicians can create diagrams that are easily understandable, regardless of their geographical location or background knowledge.

The Structure of BS EN ISO 10628:2017

The standard outlines specific rules and conventions for the presentation of various types of process diagrams, including process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), and utility flow diagrams. It establishes guidelines for the use of symbols, labels, and colors, ensuring consistency across different diagrams and industries. This standardized approach streamlines communication and enhances collaboration among professionals involved in design, construction, operation, and maintenance of industrial plants and facilities.

Benefits and Applications

Adhering to BS EN ISO 10628:2017 offers numerous benefits to companies and individuals working in the process industry. First and foremost, it improves safety by minimizing misunderstandings, errors, and accidents caused by unclear or inconsistent diagramming practices. Additionally, it increases efficiency by reducing the time spent on deciphering complex diagrams and allows for seamless integration between different systems or process components.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 10628:2017 facilitates effective communication between engineers, technicians, operators, and other stakeholders involved in the process industry. It enables accurate documentation, easy sharing of knowledge, and better decision-making processes. By standardizing the presentation of diagrams, this international standard supports the exchange of information and promotes best practices in the field of engineering.



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