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What is ISO-TR 23932-2017


ISO-TR 23932:2017 is a technical report published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides guidelines and recommendations for writing thorough technical articles, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards. This article aims to explore the key features and requirements of ISO-TR 23932:2017.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of ISO-TR 23932:2017 is to assist technical writers in creating well-structured and informative articles. This document emphasizes the importance of clear and concise language, logical organization, and effective communication of technical information. Its purpose is to ensure that technical articles are written in a way that is easily understood by both experts and non-experts in the field.

Main Guidelines

ISO-TR 23932:2017 provides several main guidelines to consider when writing a thorough technical article:

Clarity and Precision: Technical articles should be written in a clear and precise manner, using appropriate terminology and avoiding ambiguity. The information presented should be accurate and reliable.

Structure: Articles should have a logical structure, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Sections and subsections should be used as necessary to enhance readability.

Language and Style: Consistent language and style throughout the article is important. Use active voice, present tense, and write in a formal but accessible tone.

Citations and References: Proper citations and references must be included to acknowledge external sources, giving credit where it is due and allowing readers to verify the information.

Visual Aids: Effective use of tables, graphs, images, and other visual aids can enhance the understanding and presentation of technical information.

Review and Revision: Thoroughly reviewing and revising the article is crucial. It helps to eliminate errors, improve clarity, and ensure the article meets the desired quality.


ISO-TR 23932:2017 serves as a valuable guide for technical writers to produce well-rounded and informative articles. By following the guidelines outlined in this document, writers can enhance the quality and readability of their technical content, effectively communicating their knowledge to a wider audience.

Remember, adhering to ISO-TR 23932:2017 not only improves the integrity of your work but also strengthens the credibility of the technical field as a whole.



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