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What is EN 60255-2020?

The Purpose of EN 60255-2020

EN 60255-2020 is a technical standard that sets requirements for electrical relays used in electrical equipment and systems. It provides guidelines for the design, testing, and performance of relays to ensure their reliability and safety.

Key Features of EN 60255-2020

This standard covers various aspects related to relays, including their construction, functioning, and performance characteristics. It specifies criteria for the selection of suitable relays for specific applications and defines the minimum requirements that these relays must meet to ensure proper operation.

EN 60255-2020 also covers the testing procedures and methods that should be followed during production and type testing of relays. It includes guidelines for laboratory testing as well as field testing to verify the reliability and functionality of relays under different operating conditions.

Furthermore, this standard addresses the marking, labeling, and documentation requirements for relays. It provides guidelines for manufacturers to ensure that necessary information about the relay's specifications, performance, and limitations are clearly communicated to users and installers.

Benefits and Application of EN 60255-2020

EN 60255-2020 plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical systems by setting standardized requirements for relays. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can produce high-quality relays that meet the industry's expectations.

Relays designed and tested according to EN 60255-2020 provide several benefits to end-users and installers. They offer increased reliability, improved performance, and better protection against faults and abnormalities in electrical systems. These relays can effectively detect and respond to voltage fluctuations, overcurrents, and other electrical anomalies, thus preventing potential damage and hazards.

EN 60255-2020 is applicable in various industries and sectors where electrical relays are used. It is commonly used in power generation plants, distribution systems, transportation systems, industrial automation, and building infrastructure. This standard ensures that the relays used in these applications comply with international standards and perform reliably in demanding environments.

In Conclusion

EN 60255-2020 is a significant technical standard that sets requirements for electrical relays, ensuring their reliability, performance, and safety. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can produce high-quality relays that offer improved protection and stability in electrical systems. End-users and installers benefit from increased reliability and better performance, leading to safer and more efficient operation of electrical equipment and systems.



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