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What is EN ISO 24801-2: 2014 ?

EN ISO 24801-2: 2014 and EN ISO 24705-2: 2014 are two important international standards that play a crucial role in improving safety, quality, and efficiency in various industries and sectors.

EN ISO 24801-2: 2014 is a standard that establishes minimum competency requirements for scuba divers. It covers essential topics such as theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and continuous practice and assessment to ensure that divers maintain their proficiency. The standard emphasizes the importance of instructor qualifications, safety, effective communication, and guidance throughout the training process.

EN ISO 24705-2: 2014, on the other hand, is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the development and management of technical documentation for products and services. It aims to ensure that technical documentation is consistent, reliable, and comprehensible for end-users. The standard defines a common framework for producing high-quality materials and provides guidelines for companies to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce errors and misunderstandings, and increase efficiency in the use of their products and services.

The significance of these standards cannot be overstated. They promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement within various industries and sectors, ensuring that technical documentation is of high quality and meets the needs of end-users. By establishing uniform competency requirements and guidelines for technical documentation, these standards help to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in the various sectors and industries.



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