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What is UL1142?

The UL1142 is a technical standard that defines requirements for the construction, performance, and testing of secure storage containers. These containers are designed to provide protection against forced entry, unauthorized access, and various types of physical attacks. The standard is issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally recognized independent safety science company.

Construction Requirements

UL1142 specifies the construction requirements that must be met by secure storage containers. These requirements ensure that the container is built using robust materials and techniques, including reinforced walls, doors, and hinges. The container should be resistant to penetration, cutting, drilling, and torch attacks.

Performance Testing

In order to meet the UL1142 standard, secure storage containers undergo rigorous performance testing. This includes simulated real-world scenarios where the container is subjected to various forms of physical attacks. The container's ability to withstand these attacks without compromising its integrity is assessed and evaluated.

Importance and Applications

Secure storage containers that adhere to the UL1142 standard are widely used in industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals, government, and defense. They provide a high level of security for storing valuable assets, sensitive information, and classified documents. The standard ensures that these containers offer reliable protection against theft, vandalism, and tampering.

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