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What is BS EN 55035-2014

BS EN 55035-2014 is an international standard that pertains to the measurement of electromagnetic emission from electrical and electronic equipment. It provides guidelines for testing and evaluating the emission levels of these devices, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.

Understanding the Importance of BS EN 55035-2014

Electrical and electronic equipment often generate electromagnetic fields during their operation. These fields can interfere with other equipment and systems, leading to malfunctions or disruptions in functionality. BS EN 55035-2014 plays a critical role in addressing these concerns by setting limits on the emission levels of electromagnetic fields generated by these devices.

The standard is designed to ensure that electrical and electronic equipment are compatible with each other and do not cause any interference. It establishes specific measurement techniques and requirements that manufacturers must follow to test their equipment's emission levels.

Key Features of BS EN 55035-2014

BS EN 55035-2014 outlines several key features that facilitate the proper assessment of electromagnetic emission from electrical and electronic equipment:

Test Methods: The standard provides detailed procedures and methodologies for conducting tests to measure electromagnetic emission. These methods help ensure consistency and accuracy in the evaluation process.

Emission Limits: BS EN 55035-2014 sets specific limits for different types of electrical and electronic equipment, taking into account their intended use and potential impact on other devices. These limits help ensure that the emission levels are within acceptable thresholds.

Evaluation Criteria: The standard defines evaluation criteria for assessing compliance with the emission limits. Manufacturers need to demonstrate that their products meet these criteria to ensure they are safe and compatible with other equipment.

Benefits of Compliance with BS EN 55035-2014

Complying with BS EN 55035-2014 brings various benefits for both manufacturers and end-users:

Electromagnetic Compatibility: By adhering to the standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products do not interfere with other devices, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted operation for consumers.

Global Market Access: Compliance with international standards such as BS EN 55035-2014 enables manufacturers to access global markets. Many countries require adherence to these standards as a prerequisite for selling electrical and electronic equipment within their jurisdictions.

Increased Reliability and Safety: Following the guidelines of BS EN 55035-2014 helps manufacturers enhance the reliability and safety of their products. It reduces the risk of malfunctions caused by electromagnetic interference, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, BS EN 55035-2014 is an essential standard for assessing and regulating the electromagnetic emission from electrical and electronic equipment. Its guidelines enable manufacturers to comply with specific limits, ensuring their products are safe, reliable, and compatible with other devices. Adhering to this standard brings numerous benefits in terms of market access, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction.



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