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What is BS EN ISO 20473:2013?

BS EN ISO 20473:2013 is an international standard that provides guidelines on the use of technical product documentation in various industries. It is aimed at ensuring consistency and clarity in the communication of technical information, which is crucial for the safe and effective use of products.

The Importance of BS EN ISO 20473:2013

This standard plays a vital role in enhancing communication between manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users. By following the guidelines set forth in BS EN ISO 20473:2013, technical writers can ensure that all relevant information regarding the product is documented accurately, providing users with the necessary details to operate the product safely and efficiently.

Moreover, the standard helps eliminate misunderstandings and reduces the risks associated with improper usage, resulting in enhanced safety and reduced liability for manufacturers.

Additionally, BS EN ISO 20473:2013 promotes accessibility by emphasizing clear language, logical organization, and standardized symbols and visual aids. This ensures that the documentation is easily understandable for all users, regardless of their technical knowledge or language proficiency.

Key Elements of BS EN ISO 20473:2013

BS EN ISO 20473:2013 covers a wide range of elements related to technical product documentation. Some of the key areas it addresses include:

Structure: The standard provides guidelines for structuring technical documents, including titles, headings, tables, and graphics. This ensures a consistent and organized layout that facilitates easy navigation and comprehension.

Language and Terminology: BS EN ISO 20473:2013 emphasizes the use of clear and concise language, avoiding technical jargon wherever possible. It also provides guidelines for the consistent use of terminology, simplifying understanding and interpretation.

Safety Information: The standard highlights the importance of including comprehensive safety information in technical documents. This includes warnings, precautions, and instructions for safe use, maintenance, and disposal of the product.

Visual Aids: BS EN ISO 20473:2013 provides recommendations for the effective use of visual aids such as illustrations, diagrams, and symbols. These aids enhance the clarity and comprehension of complex technical concepts.


BS EN ISO 20473:2013 sets the benchmark for technical product documentation, ensuring that crucial information is communicated clearly and consistently. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can minimize risks, enhance user safety, and improve overall product quality and usability.

Furthermore, BS EN ISO 20473:2013 promotes accessibility and aims to bridge the gap between technical experts and end-users by using plain language and standardized visual aids.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 20473:2013 is an invaluable tool for technical writers and plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and effective communication in the diverse world of product documentation.



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