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What is BS EN ISO 14982:2019?


BS EN ISO 14982:2019 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements for the design and testing of agricultural machinery. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, engineers, and technicians involved in the production and use of agricultural equipment.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of BS EN ISO 14982:2019 covers various types of agricultural machinery, including tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, and seeders. The standard aims to ensure the safety and functionality of these machines, as well as promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Key Features and Requirements

BS EN ISO 14982:2019 outlines several key features and requirements that agricultural machinery must meet. These include:

Structural Integrity: The standard sets criteria for the structural integrity of the machinery to ensure safe operation under different working conditions.

Operator Safety: It specifies safety measures to protect operators from potential hazards during machine operation, such as rollover protection systems and effective warning signs.

Environmental Considerations: The standard encourages manufacturers to develop machinery that minimizes environmental impacts, such as reducing noise pollution and optimizing fuel efficiency.

Ergonomics: It addresses the design of controls, seats, and other operator interfaces to enhance user comfort and reduce the risk of operator fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders.

Performance and Reliability: The standard lays out requirements for performance testing, durability, and reliability to ensure that the machinery performs consistently and meets user needs.

Benefits and Adoption

BS EN ISO 14982:2019 offers numerous benefits to both manufacturers and end-users of agricultural machinery. For manufacturers, compliance with this standard demonstrates a commitment to producing high-quality and safe equipment, which can enhance their reputation and competitiveness in the market. End-users can rely on machines that have been tested and proven to meet certain standards, ensuring their safety and efficient operation.

The adoption of BS EN ISO 14982:2019 also promotes harmonization of agricultural machinery standards at an international level, facilitating trade and cooperation among different countries.


BS EN ISO 14982:2019 plays a crucial role in ensuring the design, safety, and performance of agricultural machinery. By providing clear guidelines and requirements, it promotes the development of reliable and sustainable equipment that benefits both manufacturers and end-users. Compliance with this standard helps to create a safer working environment for operators and contributes to the advancement of modern agriculture.



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