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What is IEC 60068-2-58:2014?

IEC 60068-2-58:2014, also known as Environmental testing - Part 2-58: Tests - Test Td: Test methods for solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization and tarnishing of metal surfaces due to sulphur dioxide, is an international standard that outlines the test methods used to assess the solderability, corrosion resistance, and tarnishing of metal surfaces when exposed to sulphur dioxide. This standard is crucial in ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic components and materials under various environmental conditions.

Importance of IEC 60068-2-58:2014

The increasing reliance on electronic devices, especially in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications, demands high-quality and reliable components. IEC 60068-2-58:2014 plays a significant role in ensuring the durability and performance of these components under harsh environmental conditions. By subjecting materials and components to rigorous tests, this standard helps identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could lead to failure or decreased performance. Manufacturers, engineers, and designers rely on this standard to make informed decisions about material selection and design enhancements to enhance product longevity and customer satisfaction.

Test Methods Outlined in IEC 60068-2-58:2014

IEC 60068-2-58:2014 provides detailed test methods for evaluating solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization, and tarnishing of metal surfaces due to sulphur dioxide exposure. These tests include wetting balance measurement, solder bath method, sectioning method, and visual examination. The wetting balance measurement quantitatively determines the solderability of terminations by measuring the balance of forces between solder and flux. The solder bath method evaluates the resistance of component terminations to dissolution during soldering processes. The sectioning method assesses the intermetallic thickness by cutting, polishing, and examining cross-sections of soldered joints. Visual examination allows for the detection of tarnishing or discoloration on metal surfaces due to sulphur dioxide exposure.


IEC 60068-2-58:2014 serves as an indispensable guide in the field of environmental testing and reliability assurance for electronic components and materials. By adhering to this international standard, manufacturers can ensure the robustness and longevity of their products, while engineers and designers can make informed decisions about material selection and design improvements. The comprehensive test methods defined in IEC 60068-2-58:2014 enable accurate evaluation of solderability, resistance to dissolution, and tarnishing, contributing to enhanced product performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.



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