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What is BS EN 16658-2020?


BS EN 16658-2020 is a technical standard that plays a crucial role in the field of industrial safety. It focuses on

specific requirements for eye and face protection, ensuring that individuals are adequately shielded from various

hazards encountered in work environments. This easy-to-understand technical article aims to provide an of

BS EN 16658-2020, outlining its significance, scope, and key aspects.

Scope of BS EN 16658-2020

BS EN 16658-2020 addresses the protective equipment requirements for eye and face protection used in various industries

such as manufacturing, construction, and chemical processing, among others. The standard defines the essential

features of protective eyewear and face shields, including their ability to resist impact, penetration, and optical

distortion. Additionally, it outlines testing methods to assess the performance of these protective devices,

ensuring their reliability and effectiveness against potential hazards in the workplace.

Key Requirements

BS EN 16658-2020 specifies several key requirements that must be met by protective eyewear and face shields. These

include criteria for optical class, mechanical strength, resistance to impact, and protection against UV radiation

and droplets or splashes of liquids. The standard also mandates appropriate labeling and instructions for users,

ensuring proper use and maintenance of the protective equipment. Compliance with these requirements is essential

to guarantee the safety and well-being of workers who rely on eye and face protection in their daily tasks.

Benefits of Compliance

Adhering to BS EN 16658-2020 brings numerous benefits for both employers and employees. By ensuring compliance with

this standard, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the safety and welfare of their workforce. Properly

selected and certified protective eyewear and face shields not only enhance worker safety but also reduce the risk of

accidents and injuries, minimizing legal liabilities and potential financial losses. Moreover, complying with these

standards fosters a culture of safety within organizations, promoting a productive and secure work environment.



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