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Understanding the EN ISO 19770-4:2014 Standard

The EN ISO 19770-4:2014 standard is an international specification that provides guidelines for software asset management. This article aims to thoroughly explain the key aspects of this important technical standard, its relevance in the industry, and its impact on organizations.

Scope and Objectives

The EN ISO 19770-4:2014 standard defines the best practices for managing software assets throughout their lifecycle. It outlines the processes and procedures required to effectively track, control, and optimize software licenses, installations, and usage. The primary objective is to help organizations achieve compliance, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making related to software assets.

Key Requirements

The standard emphasizes several critical requirements for successful software asset management:

Identification and Inventory: Organizations must establish a comprehensive inventory of all installed software, including version information, license types, and relevant metadata.

Purchasing and Deployment: All software acquisitions and deployments should follow clearly defined processes to ensure proper licensing, authorized distribution, and adherence to contractual terms.

Monitoring and Reporting: Regular monitoring and reporting are essential to track software usage, identify potential non-compliance, and enable informed decision-making.

Disposal and Decommissioning: Organizations must implement appropriate procedures for removing software no longer in use and ensuring data security during disposal.

Benefits and Implementation Challenges

Implementing the EN ISO 19770-4:2014 standard brings several benefits to organizations:

Improved Compliance: Proper software asset management ensures compliance with licensing agreements and reduces the risk of legal consequences.

Cost Optimization: Efficient management of software assets leads to better control over licenses, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary purchases or non-compliant usage.

Enhanced Decision-making: Accurate software data allows organizations to make informed decisions regarding procurement, upgrades, and utilization.

However, implementing this standard also poses certain challenges. It requires extensive coordination between different departments, adequate resources for implementation and maintenance, and continuous staff training to stay up-to-date with evolving software asset management practices.



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