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What is IEC 60950?

IEC 60950 is a technical standard that sets forth safety requirements for electrical equipment used in information technology and telecommunications. It ensures that the devices we use every day, such as computers, routers, and telephones, are safe to operate and pose minimal risk to users.

Ensuring User Safety

The main objective of IEC 60950 is to protect individuals from electrical hazards. The standard addresses various aspects of safety, including protection against electric shock, fire hazards, and energy sources. Compliance with these standards is mandatory for manufacturers to ensure their products can be sold internationally.

One of the key areas covered by IEC 60950 is electrical insulation. This refers to the separation of live parts from accessible parts through insulation barriers or coatings. Insulation prevents electric shock and reduces the risk of fires caused by short circuits or excessive heat generation.

The standard also focuses on the prevention of excessive temperatures. Electronic devices generate heat during normal operation, and if not properly managed, this heat can cause malfunctions or even fires. IEC 60950 specifies limits for the maximum surface temperature of equipment to prevent any harm to users.

Equipment Considerations

IEC 60950 considers a wide range of equipment used in both professional and consumer settings. It covers devices such as desktop computers, printers, network equipment, and telecommunication devices. Manufacturers need to ensure their products comply with the standard's requirements before placing them on the market.

In addition to electrical safety, IEC 60950 also addresses mechanical hazards. For example, it sets standards for enclosure design, ensuring that equipment is robust enough to withstand normal usage without causing harm to users. This includes considerations such as anti-tipping mechanisms, protection against hazardous moving parts, and accessibility of connectors and switches.

Global Adoption and Evolution

IEC 60950 has gained widespread international recognition and adoption. Many countries require electrical equipment to comply with this standard before being allowed on the market. However, it is important to note that IEC 60950 has been replaced by a newer standard, IEC 62368, for audio/video and information technology equipment. This new standard aims to provide improved safety requirements and reflects advancements in technology.

In conclusion, IEC 60950 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of electrical equipment used in information technology and telecommunications. It sets strict requirements for manufacturers to adhere to, covering aspects such as electrical insulation, prevention of excessive temperatures, and mechanical hazards. Compliance with these standards helps protect users from electric shocks, fires, and other potential risks associated with using electronic devices.



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