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What is IEC 60730-2-2:2013

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a global organization that sets standards for electrical and electronic products. One such standard is IEC 60730-2-2:2013, which specifically deals with the safety requirements for automatic electrical controls used in household and similar applications.

Scope of IEC 60730-2-2:2013

This standard applies to automatic electrical controls intended for use in appliances, equipment, or systems. It covers both temperature-sensitive and non-temperature-sensitive controls. The standard specifies various tests and requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of these controls.

Key Requirements of IEC 60730-2-2:2013

IEC 60730-2-2:2013 outlines specific requirements for different types of controls, including reset functions, protective touch current limitations, resistance to abnormal operation, and resistance to electromagnetic disturbances. It also covers requirements for mechanical hazards, insulation properties, and resistance to water ingress.

The standard further defines the different response times for temperature-sensitive controls based on their intended applications. For example, controls used in boilers or central heating systems have different response times compared to those used in refrigerators or freezers.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with IEC 60730-2-2:2013 is crucial for manufacturers of automatic electrical controls as it ensures the safety and reliability of their products. By adhering to the standard's requirements, manufacturers can enhance customer confidence, reduce the risk of product malfunctions, and mitigate potential hazards.

Furthermore, compliance with international standards like IEC 60730-2-2:2013 enables manufacturers to access global markets by meeting the regulatory requirements of different countries. It allows for easier certification and acceptance of products in various regions, thus expanding business opportunities.

In conclusion, IEC 60730-2-2:2013 plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and performance of automatic electrical controls used in household applications. Compliance with this standard not only benefits manufacturers but also provides consumers with reliable and secure products. As technology advances, it is vital to adhere to these standards to keep pace with innovation while keeping safety at the forefront.



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