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What is UL10B?

UL10B is a standard that specifies the fire test performance requirements for door assemblies utilized in fire barriers. It provides guidelines for evaluating the ability of doors to resist the spread of fire, smoke, and heat through an opening during a specified fire resistance test.

Fire Test Performance Requirements

The UL10B standard defines various parameters that a door assembly must meet to comply with fire safety regulations. These include fire endurance, hose stream testing, and the ability to restrict the passage of smoke and heat. During the fire endurance test, the door assembly is subjected to predetermined temperatures and time durations to evaluate its integrity under fire conditions.

The hose stream test assesses the structural stability of the door assembly by exposing it to high-pressure water jets. This simulates the impact that firefighting efforts may have on the door during a live fire situation. The ability to restrict the passage of smoke and heat is evaluated by measuring air leakage and temperature rise on both sides of the door assembly during a fire test.

Importance of UL10B Compliance

Complying with the UL10B standard is crucial for ensuring the safety and protection of occupants in buildings. Doors are an essential component of fire-rated walls, and their ability to withstand fire and prevent its spread can save lives and minimize property damage. UL10B compliance indicates that a door assembly has undergone rigorous testing and meets the necessary criteria for reliable fire containment.

By adhering to the UL10B standard, architects, engineers, and building owners can have confidence in the performance of the door assemblies they specify or install. This ensures that the right fire-rated doors are used in appropriate locations within a building, effectively compartmentalizing fire and giving occupants more time to evacuate safely. Ensuring UL10B compliance also helps to meet regulatory requirements and codes pertaining to fire safety.


UL10B plays a vital role in evaluating the fire resistance performance of doors used in fire barriers. Compliance with this standard ensures that door assemblies can effectively restrict the spread of fire, smoke, and heat during a specified fire resistance test. By adhering to UL10B, building professionals can enhance the safety of occupants and property, while also meeting relevant fire safety regulations. It is essential for architects, engineers, and building owners to consider UL10B compliance when selecting and installing fire-rated doors.

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