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What is JIS c7551-3:2005

JIS c7551-3:2005 is a technical standard developed by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. It is part of the JIS c7551 series, which focuses on specific testing methods for electrical connectors and relays. The 2005 version specifically addresses the testing requirements and performance criteria for miniature relays.

Importance of JIS c7551-3:2005

The JIS c7551-3:2005 standard is significant for various reasons. Firstly, it ensures that miniature relays manufactured in accordance with this standard meet certain performance and quality requirements. This leads to higher reliability and safety in their operation, especially in critical applications where failure can have severe consequences.

Moreover, adherence to the standard allows for greater interoperability among relay manufacturers, enabling customers to easily replace or interchange relays without compatibility issues. This not only saves time and effort but also enhances product availability and options for users.

Testing Methods and Performance Criteria

The JIS c7551-3:2005 standard outlines the testing methods and performance criteria for miniature relays. These include various parameters such as contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, mechanical endurance, coil temperature rise, and more.

For example, the standard specifies the maximum allowable contact resistance, ensuring low power dissipation and minimal voltage drop across relay contacts. It also sets limits for insulation resistance to prevent leakage currents and ensure electrical isolation.

The mechanical endurance test evaluates the relay's durability under repeated operations, simulating real-world conditions. Similarly, the coil temperature rise test measures the increase in temperature during prolonged energization, ensuring safe operation within specified limits.


JIS c7551-3:2005 is a crucial technical standard that defines the testing methods and performance criteria for miniature relays. By adhering to this standard, relay manufacturers ensure product reliability, safety, and interoperability. Additionally, customers benefit from greater options and ease of replacement or interchangeability. Overall, this standard plays a vital role in improving the quality, performance, and reliability of miniature relays used across various industries.



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