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What is ISO 12944-9:2018?

ISO 12944-9:2018 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. It is part of a series of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure uniformity and quality in the coating industry.

Understanding the Technical Aspects

To understand ISO 12944-9:2018, it is important to grasp its technical aspects. This standard specifies the requirements and recommendations for the selection and application of protective coatings, surface preparation, and environmental conditions for different corrosivity categories.

The technical details of ISO 12944-9:2018 cover areas such as coating types, thickness, adhesion, and durability, as well as surface preparation methods like cleaning, roughening, and priming. It also provides guidance on assessing the performance and effectiveness of protective paint systems through inspections, testing, and maintenance.

Benefits and Applications

ISO 12944-9:2018 offers several benefits to industries and organizations involved in steel structure corrosion protection. Firstly, it ensures that proper coating systems are selected based on the environmental conditions and intended service life of the structure. This helps prevent premature coating failures and costly rework.

Secondly, this standard promotes consistency in the selection and application processes, ensuring that protective coatings meet the required performance criteria. By following these guidelines, manufacturers, contractors, and inspectors can provide reliable and effective corrosion protection solutions.

ISO 12944-9:2018 is applicable to various industries, including offshore structures, bridges, power plants, chemical plants, and storage facilities. Applying this standard helps extend the lifespan of steel structures, reduces maintenance costs, and contributes to overall safety and sustainability.


ISO 12944-9:2018 plays a vital role in the corrosion protection of steel structures. By following its technical guidelines, industries can ensure appropriate coating systems are selected, properly applied, and regularly inspected and maintained. This results in improved durability, reduced maintenance expenses, and enhanced safety.

The adoption and implementation of ISO 12944-9:2018 not only benefit individual organizations but also contribute to global harmonization in the field of protective coatings. It sets the stage for international collaboration and facilitates knowledge sharing, ultimately driving advancements in corrosion protection technology.



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