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What is BS EN 62841-2-25:2013?

BS EN 62841-2-25:2013 is a professional technical standard that deals with the safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools. It specifically focuses on requirements for outdoor, battery-powered lawnmowers and ride-on lawnmowers. These tools are widely used in landscaping and gardening activities, making it essential to establish applicable safety measures to protect users and promote safe working practices.

Key Elements of BS EN 62841-2-25:2013

The BS EN 62841-2-25:2013 standard outlines various aspects that manufacturers and users need to consider when it comes to the safety of these electric tools. Here are some key elements covered by the standard:

Safety and performance requirements for lawnmowers

Electrical safety guidelines

Risk assessment and hazard identification

Verifying compliance with the standard through testing

Importance of BS EN 62841-2-25:2013

Adhering to the safety guidelines outlined in BS EN 62841-2-25:2013 is crucial for both manufacturers and users of hand-held motor-operated electric tools. By following this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products are safe and reliable for consumers. Users, on the other hand, can have the assurance that the equipment they are handling conforms to internationally recognized safety standards.

Not only does BS EN 62841-2-25:2013 address the safety concerns during normal operations of lawnmowers, but it also covers potential risks such as mechanical hazards, electrical risks, and ergonomic factors. Compliance with this standard reduces the likelihood of accidents, injuries, or property damage caused by faulty tools or improper use.

Ensuring Compliance with BS EN 62841-2-25:2013

To ensure compliance with BS EN 62841-2-25:2013, manufacturers must conduct thorough testing and verification procedures both during the development stage and before products are placed on the market. This includes assessing the performance, safety features, and quality of their electric tools. Additionally, manufacturers should provide clear instructions on how to use and maintain the equipment properly.

Users can also contribute to ensuring compliance by carefully reading and following the user manuals provided with the lawnmowers. It is crucial to use prescribed safety equipment, such as eye protection and gloves, when operating these tools. Regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment are recommended to identify any potential issues and address them promptly.


BS EN 62841-2-25:2013 plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and reliability of hand-held motor-operated electric tools, particularly outdoor lawnmowers. By adhering to this professional technical standard, manufacturers and users can work together to minimize the risks associated with using these tools and promote a safer gardening and landscaping environment.



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